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Top things You Need to Know about the Barratt Sherbet Fountain

For almost a hundred years, the Barratt Sherbet Fountain has been delighting children of all ages. However, when you pick up that distinctive yellow tube, you may be unaware of the Sherbet Fountain history. Here is everything you would need to know about this wonderfully tasty treat.

A Little Sherbet Fountain History:

Whether you use the liquorice stick to dip and lick the sherbet or bite the top of the stick to use it as a straw, you are sure to remember the delightfully tangy sherbet flavour with fond memories.

The design of this tasty treat has remained almost untouched for almost one hundred years. Barratt first launched their fountain back in 1925 with the yellow paper tube packed with delicious sherbet and a distinct liquorice stick. Although the company was bought out a number of times over the years, by Monkhill Confectionery and later by Cadbury Schweppes, the design remained fairly close to the original, with the yellow tube and thick black lettering making it easy for children to spot their favourite treat in any sweet shop.

The Sherbet Fountain has been a real asset for Barratt and contributed to the £58 million price tag when the Monkhill Confectionery division of the company was sold in 2008 to Tangerine.

Subtle Changes:

In recent years, there was a massive uproar among Fountain enthusiasts when the iconic yellow paper packaging was switched for a yellow plastic tube. Although Tangerine kept the design of the packaging similar to the original, the plastic tube upset many traditionalists. The main reason for the packaging change was that the company felt that the new design, which meant that the liquorice stick was enclosed in the plastic packaging, is more hygienic.

The packaging is also resealable and tamper proof, so most parents appreciate the changes. Most parents are aware that coughs and colds can be easily spread by children and this is especially problematic when little hands are choosing their favourite sweet from the shelves. Additionally, since the plastic tube is resealable, it means that children can set their fountain down when they need a break, without you needing to worry about your furniture being covered with sticky sweet sherbet.

Whether you are a fan of the packaging changes or prefer the traditional style, you can be assured that the delicious sherbet still tastes fantastic. This fantastic tasty treat is vegan and vegetarian friendly, with one tube only containing 90 calories. This means that you can allow your children to enjoy their Sherbet Fountain without it ruining their lunch or dinner.

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