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Five Things You Might Not Know About Irn Bru

After whisky, haggis and Gerard Butler, Irn Bru is probably Scotland’s most famous export. This delicious soft drink is considered by some to be the ultimate hangover cure and is popular with adults and kids alike. However, here are five things about Irn Bru Australia – based girder enthusiasts might not know.

Irn Bru Has an Impressive History:

When it comes to Irn Bru, Perth consumers may be surprised to know that this soft drink has been around since 1901. The “aerated water” drink was originally called Strachan’s Brew and was launched by Andrew Barr in Falkirk. The name was changed to Iron Brew, but in 1946 it was rebranded as Irn Bru due to new regulations regarding product naming. Since the drink was not brewed, Barrs needed to register a new name. Since then Irn Bru has dominated the soft drinks market in Scotland, even outselling global giant Coca-Cola.

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The First Advertising Campaigns Ran for Decades:

While many of us are remember the “made in Scotland from Girders” advertising campaign, which became iconic around the world, one of early advertising campaigns was very long term. One of the first long-running campaigns ran between the 1930s and 1970s. This campaign features a comic called “The Adventures of Ba-Bru and Sandy”. This comic was inspired by “Sabu the Elephant Boy” by Rudyard Kipling. The character was also used in neon sign advertising, which was placed at Glasgow Central Station for years.

It Contains Metal:

It is thought that the “girders” advertising slogan was a reference to the orange rust colour of the drink. However,  does contain iron. The drink contains 0.002 percent of ammonium ferric citrate, which is a food additive that contains iron hydroxide. 

The Recipe is Only Known by Three People:

Despite the fact that Irn Bru is not just made in Scotland and is manufactured in Russia, Norway, the United States and Canada, reportedly the recipe is only known by three people in the world. Reportedly Former Irn Bru chairperson Robin Barr, the Legal Affairs Manager Julie Barr and one other board director never travel together on the same plane. The identity of the board director is also kept confidential just in case.

Irn Bru is Popular with Celebrities:

Although we imagine celebrities always to be drinking champagne, Irn Bru is a popular choice. The drink was referenced in “The St Stephen’s Day Murders” song by Elvis Costello and the “Cop Yer Whack for This” 1975 Billy Connolly album. This dedication was a more veiled reference to the apparently magical properties as a hangover cure as he thanked the Barrs for saving his life on Sunday mornings.

Sir Sean Connery also chose a crate of Irn Bru in the National Museum of Scotland, when asked to contribute for a celebrity exhibition. However, this exhibit went against trend, since 71 percent of fans favour a glass bottle rather than a can.

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