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Chocolate Pop Tarts Vs Toaster Strudels

If you’re in the mood for a deliciously delightful snack, you may be faced with a decision between toaster strudels and Pop Tarts. Australia-based consumers may consider these snacks to be one and the same, but there are some major differences.

The Basics:

The main difference between toaster strudels and chocolate Pop Tarts is how they are sold. Toaster strudels are frozen and have separate packets of icing to be added once you have heated the strudel in a toaster oven. However, since Pop Tarts are not frozen, it is possible to buy Pop Tarts online. Perth consumers can even eat their tarts straight out of the packet or heat them in a toaster.


In addition to chocolate, Pop Tarts are available in fifty flavours. The original flavours of blueberry, apple currant, strawberry and brown sugar cinnamon are now complemented with chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter and of course, chocolate. There are also new frostings, limited editions and whole grain variants available.

On the other hand, Toaster strudels are only available in a limited number of flavours. The most popular are apple, cinnamon, blueberry, cherry and chocolate fudge.




Since Toaster Strudels are frozen, they need to be stored in the freezer until you heat them in a toaster oven. This limitation means that you can’t carry a toaster strudel around with you for a handy snack. Since chocolate Pop Tarts can be eaten out of the packet, they can be used as a mid-morning snack, even if you don’t have access to a toaster. However, you will find that the tarts taste even better when heated. Just be careful not to heat them for too long as you could find yourself with a burnt chin from an excessively hot filling.


When you are looking for a delicious snack, you are unlikely to be overly concerned about the nutritional value. However, it is worth being aware of what you are eating. With average Pop Tarts, Australia-based consumers will be eating 200 calories, which includes 20 grams of sugar and 5 grams of fat. This can vary according to the specific flavour. Toaster Strudels have similar calories with an average of 190 calories each. However, this includes more fat at an average of 9 grams. Again, this varies according to the specific flavour and whether you add the optional icing package onto the strudel.

Whether you are in the mood for a sweet snack or a tasty breakfast treat, with Pop Tarts Australia based consumers will find a delicious option. With a wide range of flavours and delicious frostings, you will find a variant to suit your particular sweet craving at any time.

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