Strawberry Bon Bons Mini Cakes

Strawberry bon bons are one of the most popular traditional sweets, dating back to 17th Century Paris. However, if you find that your strawberry bon bons bulk order is not lasting long enough, it may be time to try this bon bon inspired recipe. These mini cakes taste at their best a day after baking, and they do require some chilling time, so you will need to plan well in advance, but they are well worth the wait.


To make a batch of these deliciously indulgent mini cakes you will need;

400 grams of caster sugar

150 grams of softened butter

4 eggs

500 grams of sifted flour

Two teaspoons of baking powder

One tablespoon of vanilla extract

1 75 gram pack of strawberry jelly granules

175 grams of strawberry puree

You will also need to make a batch of frosting using;

40 grams of softened butter

275 grams of icing sugar

25 millilitres of milk

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 to 2 tablespoons of strawberry jam

And for decoration;

200 grams of softened cream cheese,

150 grams of white chocolate chips

Red food colouring

Candy sprinkles




Although this recipe may seem a little complex, it is actually just a three stage process. The first stage is to bake the cake base using the first set of ingredients.

Preheat your oven to 175ºc and grease your cake pans. Cream the sugar, strawberry jelly granules and butter together until it is light and fluffy. Beat in the eggs and fold in the baking powder and flour. Add the milk before folding in the strawberry puree and vanilla.

Bake for approximately 25 to 30 minutes. Allow your cakes to cool fully on a wire rack.

While the cakes are baking and cooling, you can prepare the frosting. You can skip this step by using a can of prepared strawberry frosting. However, all you need to do is use an electric hand mixer to beat the butter until it is smooth and light. Add a bit of icing sugar at a time together with the vanilla and milk, until all the icing sugar has been fully incorporated and you have a rich, smooth texture. Fold in the strawberry jam and beat until the frosting is a consistent pink colour.

Now, we get to the really creative bit, making the mini cakes. Crumble the cakes into medium sized pieces, you don’t want breadcrumbs, but you should avoid having large hunks of cake. Combine the cream cheese with your frosting and ensure the mixture is well blended. Fold in your cake pieces and ensure it is well mixed. Chill this mixture for several hours until firm. Overnight works best.

Use an ice cream scoop or spoon to make your mini cake balls. Place these on a lined cookie sheet and refrigerate. While the balls are chilling, melt the white chocolate and add the food colouring until you achieve a bon bon pink colour. Your chocolate needs to be smooth, so be sure not to overwork it.

Use a fork to score thin lines on each cake ball and use a teaspoon to dunk the balls into the chocolate until they are completely covered. Shake off any excess chocolate before you cover with your candy sprinkles. Allow the cakes to set in candy liners in a cool place but avoid refrigerating if possible.

If you are a keen sweet enthusiast, you should contact us. We have an amazing selection of sweets and candy including strawberry bon bons. Our team are available to discuss strawberry bon bons recipe ideas or assist you with your order.


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