Irn Bru Ripple Ice Cream

Whether you are an Irn Bru enthusiast or are just looking for a new and exciting ice cream experience, this recipe should fit the bill. This ripple ice cream is the perfect complement to chocolate desserts and fresh berries or is delicious on its own. While it does take some time to prepare, it is well worth the wait.


To make a batch of this deliciously rich ice cream you will need;

Two vanilla pods,

500 milliliters of double cream

50 grams of granulated sugar

Three egg yolks

One 330 millilitre cans of Irn Bru



First you need to make a basic ice cream mixture. This process is the same for most types of ice cream, and once you have mastered it, you are likely to have the confidence to try and make up your own recipe ideas. All you need to do is carefully slice the vanilla pods to remove the seeds. You will need to slice lengthways and use the back of your knife to scrape out the seeds and avoid ripping the pod. Reserve the seeds and put the pod in a pan with the double cream. Heat the cream until boiling point, before removing from the heat and adding the sugar. Stir until all the sugar has dissolved.

Whisk the egg yolks in a bowl and pour the cream mixture into this bowl. Whisk continually until the mixture has become well combined. Transfer back into the pan and heat gently while whisking until the mixture is creamy and thick. Remove the pan from the heat before stiring in the vanilla seeds. Place the mixture into a freezer proof container or ice cream maker.

You should follow the manufacturer instructions of your specific ice cream maker. If you don’t have a machine, the process is a little more long winded. You will need to allow the mixture to cool for approximately thirty minutes before placing it in the freezer. Allow the container to sit in the freezer for four to five hours, but you will need to remove from the freezer and stir every thirty minutes to an hour to remove any ice crystals that may have formed.

In the meantime, put the Irn Bru into a pan and heat it to boiling point. Turn down the heat and allow the liquid to simmer until it has reduced by two thirds. This process will take approximately twenty minutes, but it should require minimal stirring. Allow the reduced liquid to cool until it is lukewarm.

When the ice cream is almost set, it is time to add in your Irn Bru ripple. Fold the reduced liquid into the ice cream gently, to create a marble or ripple effect. Put your ice cream back in the freezer for at least an hour for a soft serve effect or longer for a firmer texture.

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