Great Ideas for a Sweet Occasion

Whether you are planning a birthday party, Halloween celebration or another occasion, often the savoury food buffet can look a little dull. However, a sweet buffet bar can be used to brighten up the treats table and create a fun eye-catching element to your party.  From milk duds chocolate through to traditional sweets, you can create a stunning display which will amuse and satisfy your guests.

Vary the Colours:

While Milk Duds chocolate may be your ideal sweet treat, it is a good idea to create a more colourful impact with a variety of brightly coloured candies. You can use your choice of sweets to complement your colour scheme and showcase your favourite Milk Duds. Australia based lolly shops can offer a great selection of traditional sweets and contemporary classics to allow you to make a bold statement. You can even choose foil wrapped sweets or sugar coated candy such as M&Ms to make your colours pop. 


Consider Sweets for Weddings:

While sugared almonds are considered to be a wedding classic, many people fail to consider sweets as a great part of a wedding theme. In fact there are some very attractive looking sweets which can make a colourful addition to your wedding decor. For example you could have a box or basket in the centre of your tables filled with sweets wrapped in white, silver and gold, if you are staying with an all white theme, or use sweets wrapped in your wedding colours.

Complement Your Theme:

If you are planning a party, chances are you already have a theme in mind. This means that you can choose sweets to complement the theme. For example, a space theme could have mini Milky Ways and Mars bars dotted around the buffet table and in goodie bags. You could even find Gobstoppers and other sweets that have a planetary look to them. Even a basic movie party can be livened up with the right sweets and snacks. You may have already had the idea to serve hotdogs and popcorn but the guests are likely to get a real kick out of being served boxes of Milk Duds chocolates for a real cinema experience.

Don’t Just Use Sweets as a Snack:

If you want to make a really sweet celebration, why not incorporate your favourite sweets into a cake. There are a number of sweets that can make stunning cake decorations. You could choose a colourful M&M cake or make an indulgent triple chocolate cake with chocolate sponge, chocolate icing and decorated with Milk Duds. Australia based party goers are sure to find a sweet themed cake unusual and it will be appreciated by adults and children alike.

If you are planning a special occasion, contact us. We have a massive selection of sweets, candy and chocolate. We stock traditional classics like lollies and imported favourites such as Milk Duds chocolate. Our team of sweet experts are available to answer any queries and help you to find just the right sweet treat for your special occasion.


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