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The History of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter has been a popular snack since it was created over one hundred years ago. While this is a great choice for cookies, muffins and even just basic sandwiches, the creation of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups took this sweet delicious spread to a whole new level. Here is just a brief insight into the history of these iconic chocolate treats.

In the Beginning: 

When it comes to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Australia based consumers may be forgiven for thinking this milk chocolate snack is only a decade or two old. However, this is not the case and the original Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were created back in 1928. The inventor Harry Burnett Reese was originally a dairy farmer and shipping foreman for Milton Hershey of the Hershey Candy company. However, he found himself inspired by Hershey and made the decision to quit dairy farming and begin his own candy company. The H.B Reese Candy Co had humble beginnings in the basement of Reese’s home in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Reese was originally working at a Hershey Corporation dairy farm and he experimented using Hershey chocolate in his new confection creations. The peanut butter cups were considered to be his most popular candy line and eventually all the other products were discontinued.


The Involvement of the Hershey Chocolate Corporation When Reese died in May 1956, the ownership of his company passed to his six sons. However, in July 1963, the brothers decided to merge the H.B Reese Candy Co with the Hershey Chocolate Corporation. This decision was a tax free stock for stock merger, which left each of the six brothers with 666,316 common shares in Hershey. These had a value of $23.5 million in 1963, so it demonstrated the massive impact these humble little chocolate and peanut butter cups had on the confectionary industry. The H.B Reese Candy Co is still maintained as a subsidiary of the Hershey corporation and in 2012, it was ranked as the United States best selling candy brand, with sales totalling $2.6 billion USD. It was also ranked as the fourth best global selling candy brand, taking the sales total up to $2.679 billion USD. This means that only 2.8 percent of the company’s sales come from outside of the United States. 

Product Variety:

These days there is a wide product variety for the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Australia based consumers may only be able to source the traditional milk chocolate cups, but American consumers can enjoy white chocolate, fudge, dark chocolate, banana, marshmallow and even hazelnut peanut butter cups. There are over a dozen varieties, with the company producing limited edition varieties for holidays and events such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

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Personalised Lollies as Tasty Corporate Gifts

If you are looking for corporate gifts to convey your message to clients and potential clients, you may think that you need to invest a huge sum of money. However, this is not the case and with a visit to lolly shops, Perth business leaders may see that personalised lollies can be one of the sweetest and tastiest ways of promoting your business.

You may consider that your business does not particularly appeal to children, but this does not matter. Even clients of garages appreciate being able to distract their children with a lolly while they are waiting for their vehicle to be put through a service. Lollies are so versatile that they can be used to promote any business and with the discounts available on bulk lollies, Perth business leaders will see that they can offer a cost effective way to promote your brand.

lolly shop perth

Printed Lollies:

One of the most effective ways of promoting your business is to give out lollies printed with your logo or business details. Your company details will quite literally be in the hands of potential clients as they savour the deliciously sweet treat. The great thing about using lollies as a corporate gift is that they are so flexible. You can choose any shape, colour and flavour of lolly to complement your business or brand. With lolly buffet supplies, Perth business leaders will literally have the choice of hundreds of different sweet treats. You could even have customised lollies in the shape best suited to your business. Most lollies are large enough to feature your contact details and logo, or you could simply market a company slogan. Whichever message you choose to use, it is likely to be carried around in pockets and handbags and enjoyed by adults and children of all ages.

Printed Wrappers:

Another less expensive method of using lollies as corporate gifts is to have your message or logo printed on the lolly wrapper rather than the lolly itself. This method does have its advantages as the wrapper tends to be a larger space, offering more room for company details. Often the message printed on a wrapper can be more easily read than if it is directly on the candy. This can mean that the lollies will look more striking if they are displayed together on a countertop or table. Printing on the wrappers means that you can choose a more basic lolly, allowing you to vary the colours and flavours. This means that your potential clients can choose the lolly that most appeals to them while still carrying your message.

Lollies hold an appeal for children of all ages and adults, making them the perfect marketing tool. The low cost of lollies means that you can readily distribute them to any customers or potential customers simply to more widely advertise your brand. So, before visiting specialist printers and corporate gift stores, with a trip to lolly shops Perth business leaders could find an effective and low cost fantastic solution to their marketing needs.

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Lollies Make the Sweetest Way of Promoting Your Brand

Maximising the impact of your promotional campaigns is the key to generating sales. While this concept sounds simple, the real issue is how you can make any of your campaigns get noticed in a crowded and competitive marketplace. While advertising is a traditional method of marketing and an essential aspect of using social media, these methods are more effective for B2C businesses rather than a B2B business. You don’t often see newspaper ads, television commercials or even social media advertising for companies specialising in industrial solvents. So, how can small or medium B2B companies create a way to convey an effective and cost efficient promotional message that has a real impact? The answer could lie with bulk lollies online and lolly buffet supplies to create a sweet way to promote your brand.

The use of promotional products is by no means a new concept. For decades, businesses have created a showpiece to enhance their direct marketing campaigns. However, the creation of this showpiece can be a costly venture and it is no guarantee of success. A simple mistake in researching the best showpiece could actually have a detrimental effect on any impact of your direct marketing. We have all had a collection of cheap pens, keyrings or mouse mats that weren’t very good and we didn’t need. What makes buying bulk lollies online different is that sweets appeal to most people. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth yourself, you are likely to know someone who does. This means a giveaway or letter which contains promotional lollies should be well received.

bulk lollies online

Additionally, promotional lollies really can get your brand noticed. If you are a potential customer, chances are you will receive a whole stack of letters each morning. However, the letter containing promotional lollies is sure to stick in your mind. This means that your letter and your promotional message will be memorable, which is the key to all marketing. When you follow up your letter, you can refer to your company as the one who sent you some lollies. Even if this call or follow up is six months down the line, it is likely that this promotional activity will be remembered.

To make the most of your promotional lolly buffet supplies, you will need to do a little research. You should find out the names of the people in the department or company you wish to target. Send each of them a letter containing some of your promotional lollies. Who knows when you follow up a day or two later, they may still be savouring your sweet treat.

Buying bulk lollies online is not simply just for kid’s parties and could have a real impact on your marketing campaign, helping to get your brand noticed. Lolly suppliers can often personalise the lolly or even just the wrapping to ensure that your brand and message are conveyed in the sweetest way.

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Great Ideas for a Sweet Occasion

Whether you are planning a birthday party, Halloween celebration or another occasion, often the savoury food buffet can look a little dull. However, a sweet buffet bar can be used to brighten up the treats table and create a fun eye-catching element to your party.  From milk duds chocolate through to traditional sweets, you can create a stunning display which will amuse and satisfy your guests.

Vary the Colours:

While Milk Duds chocolate may be your ideal sweet treat, it is a good idea to create a more colourful impact with a variety of brightly coloured candies. You can use your choice of sweets to complement your colour scheme and showcase your favourite Milk Duds. Australia based lolly shops can offer a great selection of traditional sweets and contemporary classics to allow you to make a bold statement. You can even choose foil wrapped sweets or sugar coated candy such as M&Ms to make your colours pop. 


Consider Sweets for Weddings:

While sugared almonds are considered to be a wedding classic, many people fail to consider sweets as a great part of a wedding theme. In fact there are some very attractive looking sweets which can make a colourful addition to your wedding decor. For example you could have a box or basket in the centre of your tables filled with sweets wrapped in white, silver and gold, if you are staying with an all white theme, or use sweets wrapped in your wedding colours.

Complement Your Theme:

If you are planning a party, chances are you already have a theme in mind. This means that you can choose sweets to complement the theme. For example, a space theme could have mini Milky Ways and Mars bars dotted around the buffet table and in goodie bags. You could even find Gobstoppers and other sweets that have a planetary look to them. Even a basic movie party can be livened up with the right sweets and snacks. You may have already had the idea to serve hotdogs and popcorn but the guests are likely to get a real kick out of being served boxes of Milk Duds chocolates for a real cinema experience.

Don’t Just Use Sweets as a Snack:

If you want to make a really sweet celebration, why not incorporate your favourite sweets into a cake. There are a number of sweets that can make stunning cake decorations. You could choose a colourful M&M cake or make an indulgent triple chocolate cake with chocolate sponge, chocolate icing and decorated with Milk Duds. Australia based party goers are sure to find a sweet themed cake unusual and it will be appreciated by adults and children alike.

If you are planning a special occasion, contact us. We have a massive selection of sweets, candy and chocolate. We stock traditional classics like lollies and imported favourites such as Milk Duds chocolate. Our team of sweet experts are available to answer any queries and help you to find just the right sweet treat for your special occasion.