Rekindle Your Childhood Memories With a Visit to Lolly Shops

If you are interested in a walk down memory lane, you may wish to consider visiting lolly shops. Perth residents are likely to be immediately transported back to their childhood as soon as you see and smell delicious lollies. Lollies have been a popular treat for children for decades, you will see lollies being freely distributed at banks, government agencies and even salons for while you are waiting.

When buying bulk lollies, Perth residents can easily satisfy the craving for a sweet delicious treat. The origins of lollies is highly speculated. Many people believe that the toffee apple on a stick was the inspiration for commercially produced lollies, while others believe that boiled sugar on a stick was given to children during medieval times. Wherever their origins, with a visit to lolly shops Perth sweet enthusiasts are immediately back in their childhood. From the lollies sold in movie theaters to the sweet stalls at school events, when you cast your mind back to favourite childhood memories, a lolly is likely to be there somewhere.

Lollies were also usually a part of parties and celebrations. Even before the emergence of companies offering lolly buffet supplies, Perth events usually featured lollies for souvenirs of an event or as part of a birthday goodie bag. These days, this type of lolly can be easily personalised, but decades ago, a lolly showing the name and date of an event was extra special.


Although there have been many brands of sweets and chocolates developed over the years, most people recognise the popularity of retro lollies and sweets. You only need to visit the seaside to see the heart shaped lollies and souvenir sweets you are likely to have seen on childhood holidays and days out.

Although you can pick up a chocolate bar at any grocery store, lolly shops retain their significance as they can offer retro treats and traditional favourites. Since many lollies are made using traditional recipes with boiled sugar, they can offer a great treat for children of all ages. You may even find that when you are buying bulk lollies for your child’s birthday party, you are tempted yourself.

Lollies are now available in all shapes, sizes and flavours, so you are sure to find one just like your childhood favourite. A visit to a lolly shop will showcase new brands, retro lollies and traditional favourites, so you will be able to find the perfect lolly to suit your taste preferences. Whether you are planning a birthday or special occasion, or are simply looking for a sweet treat, when buying bulk lollies, Perth residents can find a cost effective and delicious solution.

If you are looking for a traditional or personalised lolly, contact us. We are one of the best lolly shops, Perth has to offer. We have a wide range of delicious sweet treats including lollies and offer bulk lolly supplies and lolly buffet supplies. Our team would be happy to discuss your requirements and assist you in finding the perfect sweet treat.


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