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Make a Spectacular Cake With Bulk M&Ms

If you are planning a birthday party, one of the most striking and stunning cakes you can make is a cake decorated with M&M’s chocolates. Australia based sweet enthusiasts will get a real kick out of this cake and children will love the colourful and attractive decoration. You will need bulk M&Ms but you can achieve an attractive cake even if you are not particularly confident in your cake baking skills.

The Basic Cake:

The basic recipe for your cake can vary according to your own taste preferences. Whether you choose a rich chocolate cake or a vanilla cake, it will still work well. For the best results, make a sandwich cake, with two layers of cake and a sweet filling to sandwich them together. You will need to ensure that your cake is cooled completely to avoid melting your filling and M&M’s chocolates. Australia summers are obviously very warm, so you may even need to refrigerate your filling and M&Ms to ensure that they are kept perfectly chilled while your cake is allowed to go completely cold.



Once your cake is completely cold, you will need to ensure that the top of the cake is not too domed before you sandwich the layers together. You may need to trim the top to create a flat surface for the best aesthetic. Once you have done this, you can go ahead and sandwich the layers together, but you will need to keep back some of the icing filling to use as a glue for the M&Ms. Once again, allow the cake to chill to ensure that the filling is set and the cake is a sturdy surface for decorating.


There are a number of ways that you can decorate your cake to create a spectacular effect. Some people sort their bulk M&Ms into the different colours. This allows you to create patterns on the top of the cake with the different colours. You can create stripes, patterns and even spell out a message with the different colours. Another approach is to have a more playful design. This involves literally piling the M&Ms on to the top of the cake. For either method you will need to spread a layer of the icing on top of the cake to secure the M&Ms.

However, if you are planning on creating a pile of M&Ms you will need to add some kind of barrier around the sides if the cake to contain them. Many people use Kitkat bars to create an attractive yet functional way to keep the M&Ms in place. If you don’t want to do this, you could ice the sides of the cake and dot the M&Ms on the sides as well as the top.

If you are interested in baking an M&M cake and are in need of bulk M&Ms, contact us. We have a wide selection of sweets, chocolates and candy. Our team would be delighted to help you to source the supplies you need to make your party extra special.


Six Things You Can Do With Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Beans

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled beans have become a firm favourite with children and adults alike. With the diverse range of jelly belly boozled flavours, they can immediately offer an entertaining game of chance every time you pick out a bean from the pack. However, here are six other uses for your jelly beans. 

  1. Party Favours:

Although the traditional choice for party favours is sugared almonds, the wonderful range of colours in jelly belly bean boozled beans means that you can easily find the perfect colour to complement the wedding or party colours. The flavour pairings can add a little bit of light heartedness to a very formal occasion.

  1. Cake and Cupcake Decoration:

Whether you are baking for a birthday or other special occasion, or simply as a family treat, you can make your cakes and cupcakes look extra special using jelly beans. You can pick the jelly bean boozled flavours and colours to complement your cake batter and create a stunning look without needing to worry about having a very steady hand with a piping bag.


  1. Christmas Decorations:

Whether you are making a traditional popcorn garland or a gingerbread house, you can use jelly beans to add an injection of colour. Jelly beans can be threaded into your garland and used to add colourful detail to your house. Jelly beans make a perfect roof tile or decorative stones for details such as fireplaces or garden settings for your gingerbread house. 

  1. Jewellery:

The bright colours of jelly beans make them the perfect ingredient for delicious looking jewellery. Many little girls would love a jelly bean bracelet which can be easily made by threading the beans on nylon thread. These can be perfect as a birthday party favour and an edible treat.

  1. Liven Up Trail Mix:

Trail mix tends to be packed with healthy ingredients including nuts and seeds, but whether you have a natural sweet tooth or are trying to encourage your children to have a healthier snack, you can liven up your trail mix by adding some jelly beans. The addition of jelly beans will not only sweeten up the mix but make it look even more attractive and appealing.

  1. Home Decoration:`

Piling a pack of jelly beans into a candy dish or small vase will not only create an easily accessible snack for your family and visitors but can create an attractive feature on your coffee table. The mixture of colours can complement any style of decor and the risk of getting a bean with “unusual” jelly belly bean boozled flavours will allow you to spot if little hands have been sneaking into the dish when they think you’re not looking.

If you are interested in jelly belly bean boozled beans, contact us. We have a wide selection of sweets, candy and chocolate in all three of our sweet shop locations throughout Perth. Our team would be happy to help you to find the perfect sweet treat for your requirements and are always happy to discuss their particular favourite jelly belly bean boozled flavours.

Rekindle Your Childhood Memories With a Visit to Lolly Shops

If you are interested in a walk down memory lane, you may wish to consider visiting lolly shops. Perth residents are likely to be immediately transported back to their childhood as soon as you see and smell delicious lollies. Lollies have been a popular treat for children for decades, you will see lollies being freely distributed at banks, government agencies and even salons for while you are waiting.

When buying bulk lollies, Perth residents can easily satisfy the craving for a sweet delicious treat. The origins of lollies is highly speculated. Many people believe that the toffee apple on a stick was the inspiration for commercially produced lollies, while others believe that boiled sugar on a stick was given to children during medieval times. Wherever their origins, with a visit to lolly shops Perth sweet enthusiasts are immediately back in their childhood. From the lollies sold in movie theaters to the sweet stalls at school events, when you cast your mind back to favourite childhood memories, a lolly is likely to be there somewhere.

Lollies were also usually a part of parties and celebrations. Even before the emergence of companies offering lolly buffet supplies, Perth events usually featured lollies for souvenirs of an event or as part of a birthday goodie bag. These days, this type of lolly can be easily personalised, but decades ago, a lolly showing the name and date of an event was extra special.


Although there have been many brands of sweets and chocolates developed over the years, most people recognise the popularity of retro lollies and sweets. You only need to visit the seaside to see the heart shaped lollies and souvenir sweets you are likely to have seen on childhood holidays and days out.

Although you can pick up a chocolate bar at any grocery store, lolly shops retain their significance as they can offer retro treats and traditional favourites. Since many lollies are made using traditional recipes with boiled sugar, they can offer a great treat for children of all ages. You may even find that when you are buying bulk lollies for your child’s birthday party, you are tempted yourself.

Lollies are now available in all shapes, sizes and flavours, so you are sure to find one just like your childhood favourite. A visit to a lolly shop will showcase new brands, retro lollies and traditional favourites, so you will be able to find the perfect lolly to suit your taste preferences. Whether you are planning a birthday or special occasion, or are simply looking for a sweet treat, when buying bulk lollies, Perth residents can find a cost effective and delicious solution.

If you are looking for a traditional or personalised lolly, contact us. We are one of the best lolly shops, Perth has to offer. We have a wide range of delicious sweet treats including lollies and offer bulk lolly supplies and lolly buffet supplies. Our team would be happy to discuss your requirements and assist you in finding the perfect sweet treat.

Customisable Lollies Could be Perfect For Your Event

If you are planning an event, bulk lolly suppliers could offer the perfect solution for a gift or table decoration. Wholesale chocolate suppliers are often asked about supplying thank you gifts for birthdays, weddings and other parties but with the lighting and temperature inside the venue, you may be left with a melted mess at the end of the evening. However, the perfect solution could be customisable lollies.

Customisable lollies can be the perfect thank you gift, memento or goodie bag treat for guests of all ages. Most bulk lolly suppliers will offer a customised lolly option, which can appeal to all ages and guests. Lollies are the perfect sweet to be customised to commemorate an event, without costing a fortune. If you were to compare the cost of even small customised items such as matchbooks with the cost of a customised lolly, you will be pleasantly surprised at how economical the sweet treat really is. This means that you can have a customised treat for your guests without blowing your event budget.

lolly shop perth

The first thing bulk lolly suppliers will need to know to provide a quote is the colour, size and type of customisation you are looking for. Depending on your budget, you may be able to get a standard lolly with a message or have a unique shape customised for your event. This means that you can perfectly match your chosen lolly to the theme and location of your event. For example, if you are planning a spectacular Christmas event, you could have a green Christmas tree shaped lolly with your message.

You will also need an idea of the type of customisation you wish to feature on your lolly. This could be a simple message noting the event and the date or a more sophisticated design. You will also need to ensure that you have left sufficient time for the bulk lolly suppliers to complete your order. Even if you are only having the message written on the wrapper or stick of the lolly, this still requires time to organise. While the most professional and established wholesale chocolate suppliers can be very efficient, they are unlikely to be able to complete a sizable customised order overnight. It is a good idea to discuss timescale when you speak to the suppliers for a quote. This will allow you to properly plan out your event plans.

Once you have organised your customised lollies, the only other thing you need to consider is how you will present them to your guests. You could use them as a table decoration at each place setting, have them displayed in a stand in the centre of the table or reserve them for thank you goodie bags. Regardless of how you choose to use them, customised lollies are sure to be a hit with guests of all ages.

If you would like to know more about customised lollies for your event, contact us. We are an established bulk lolly suppliers and wholesale chocolate suppliers. We would be happy to discuss your event requirements and assist you in finding the perfect solution for your needs.